Where it all began

The idea for GameSafe came into my mind as we encountered a real threat to our children while gaming online. My two daughters love to game, and their favorites at the time were Minecraft and Roblox. These games seemed innocent enough and provided a place to create and socialize with their friends in what appeared to be a safe place. I travel for work and am a skilled IT professional –so you can imagine the level of security I put in place to protect my children. We have also educated our children on the dangers of the internet and what to look out for. Even with this in place, my youngest daughter was approached by a suspected gamer with nefarious intentions. If we had not educated our children on what to be aware of, the outcome might have been much different! You can watch the following interview and hear more about the story. Since this interview, we have added proven leadership and expertise to GameSafe, bringing Sean Bair as our CEO and Dr. Lisa Strohman as our COO. I couldn’t be more grateful and excited about this company’s future and the strength of our threat protection solution!   Come check us out at https://gamesafe.ai